A typical adult Tornjak is very calm, peaceful, and at first sight an indifferent animal, but when the situation demands it they become a vigilant and alert watchdog. Tornjaks are not nervous or aggressive in general, rather they are very tough, undemanding sturdy dogs. With their human family Tornjaks are very emotional and social. Among the pack the Tornjak is a social animal and rarely is there any fighting between pack members. Toward strangers or other animals, as a rule, Tornjak's are not aggressive. Tornjak's can act very determined and it can without consideration attack much stronger rivals. Shepherds used to say that a Tornjak who guards the flock is a fair match for two wolves, and a couple will encounter and chase away a bear without any undue respect. In these situations Tornjaks are very persistent.

The Tornjak is an old livestock guardian dog whose sole function for centuries was to protect the herd and property from intruders and wild animals. Today they fulfill the same role as well as having become a wonderful pet and companion.